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Endo Aspirator

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    ENDOASPIRATOR Properties: It facilitates drainage of the root canalReduces working time (even 10 times)Reduces the amount of Paper Points required (up to 80%)Soft applicator with a small diameter ensures good penetration and accurate drying of the root canal   Application: ENDO-ASPIRATOR is used during the rinsing and drying of root canals, it removes all the irrigating solutions that have been used. Thanks to ultrafine tip (0,29 mm) it is possible to work even in very  fine root canals. Connection to the suction device   Instruction for use Connect the ENDO-ASPIRATOR to the suction device (aspirating nozzle) by means of a coupler, turn on the suction device and then place the applicator in the root canal. The treatment should be repeated after each further application of the irrigating solution into the root canal. ENDO-ASPIRATOR is for single use only. Waste products should be forwarded for disposal. available at.iDentals Visit our store or call 8086740009/ Watsap9544109409